If you need help organizing and great ideas on how to turn your cluttered home into a cozy home, Susan is your go-to person. She listened to my needs and came up with some great solutions about the best places for my belongings. Susan is reliable, professional, and personable. I highly recommend her.
– Alane S.
Susan really “got” my issues with ADD. She gave me tools to finally help me get my disorganized life under control.
Carl F.
When I hurt my back, I needed to re-organize so I could reach things more easily. Susan knew just what to do to make my kitchen and office more functional for me. Moreover, she was lovely to work with, and she understands the needs of seniors.
– Rhoda S.
When we were preparing for a big move, Susan made the decluttering process work for us with effective techniques, excellent storage solutions, and a positive attitude. She’s a natural organizer.
– Laura E.
We had a great experience with Susan Finer getting our living space organized after adding two kids to a household already overflowing with stuff.  She was great with the kids and has lots of practical advice and was very reasonably priced!
– Julie D.
My second floor has been transformed and repurposed thanks to Susan’s many skills. I feel so relieved that I found her: she is thoughtful, efficient, and really fun to have around!
Ann D.