Meet your professional home organizer 

Susan Finer 



My credentials:

Undergraduate degree, English, Northwestern University

Graduate degree, Library Science, University of Michigan

Artist, exhibited in museums and galleries nationwide

Librarian, Boston Public Library, Harvard School of Public Health, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified ESL Teacher

Volunteer peer counselor, reading tutor, proofreader

Owner of Order and Flow Home Organizing since 2017


My snapshot:

I have a wild imagination and an orderly streak.  

I make a mess in my studio and arrange my threads in color order.

I studied at a clothing-optional massage school in South America and at a school of library science in Michigan.

I love digging in the sand with kids and dogs and writing neatly in a new notebook with just the right pen.

I am a movie maniac and a dedicated meditator.


My skills:

As an artist, I am able to visualize and design spaces that reflect my clients’ needs and tastes.

As a teacher and librarian, I learned to listen well and to transfer skills with enthusiasm, humor, and clarity. I also became a top-notch resource-finder. If I can’t do something for you, I can find the best people to get the job done.

As a massage therapist, I helped my clients find calm in their stressful lives. My goal as an organizer is similar: helping my clients find relaxation, joy, and productivity in their lives.


My motivation:

I started ORDER AND FLOW HOME ORGANIZING in 2017 because I had been decluttering and organizing the homes of friends and families “for fun”,  and they thought I was a natural. 

I wanted to teach others what I learned about myself: When I create a structured environment with a sense of ORDER, I am able to enjoy a life filled with authenticity, balance, and FLOW.

I offer strategies and tools that can assist other easily distracted and overwhelmed minds: everything from mindfulness practices to habit building tips to time management tools.


My approach:

I am respectful, open, warm, and collaborative in my approach. My personal and professional history has familiarized me with the logistic and emotional issues that arise with losses, transitions, and new beginnings, as well as depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

My enthusiasm, humor, and playfulness put my clients at ease, while my thoroughness, dedication, and high standards help to motivate them and keep them focused. I use techniques that make the process not only painless, but often fun and illuminating.

I am an energetic partner in the process, not a merciless taskmaster! And, as a member of NAPO, I adhere to their code of ethics, including confidentiality.